Info for buyers

  1. The buying process: Go to the website and click purchase on the artwork of your choice, and then put in your contact and card details.
  2. Once the purchase has been finalised on this site ( and the funds have been cleared in the OSAE bank account, funds are transferred to the artist along with contact details of the buyer. The buyer is also supplied with contact details of the artist.
  3. All the exhibition works are available for sale.
  4. The website provides a catalogue of the works for sale. This includes images, description, price and options for collection.
  5. The organisers have taken the greatest care in displaying the works correctly online, in colour and size, and do not accept any responsibility for discrepancies. We recommend you view the works at the Ocean Shores Country Club 5th – 6th November.
  6. The exhibition opening hours at the Ocean Shores Country Club are 10am-8pm on Saturday 5th November, and 10am-4pm on Sunday 6th November 2022.
  7. All works are to be purchased online via the OSAE website, either at the OSAE using the Expo computer, or outside the exhibition opening times using personal online access.
  8. During the opening hours of the exhibition 5-6th November 2022 at the Ocean Shores Country Club, the website purchasing facility will be closed, other than the computer at the exhibition.
  9. All works will remain online for a further 4 weeks after the exhibition for further purchasing opportunities.
  10. As the majority of works are original, there is only one for sale. This excludes prints & photographs that may be part of a series.
  11. Art works purchased cannot be collected until after 4pm on Sunday 6th November 2022.
  12. The collection or delivery of works is between the artist and the buyer.
  13. Any issues should be resolved with the artist in the first instance and Ocean Shores Art Expo notified of the outcome.