Conditions of Entry 2022


1.1 Due to limited exhibition space, ONE (1) entry per artist is permitted.
1.2 Entry must be the original work of the entrant and have been completed in the previous 12 months – delivered work must be identical to photo.
1.3 Work maximum length in any direction 770mm, including sculpture.
1.4 Work must be easily transportable and ready to hang or display.
1.5 Work must be for sale with price nominated on entry form.
1.6 The committee reserves the right to refuse any work it deems unsuitable, or due to the size of the art work, or due to safety constraints. No discussion will entered into.
1.7 The work entered must not have won a prize in a previous art competition.
1.8  The work entered cannot be sold elsewhere up to and during the exhibition dates 5-6th November 2022.
1.9 The work will be online for 4 weeks after the exhibition for further sale opportunities. If sold elsewhere during these 4 weeks, the OSAE must be notified immediately to update the website.


2.1 All entries with payment are to be made online via our website. We cannot accept cheques or bank transfers.
2.2 The non-refundable entry fee in 2022 is $25.00 per entry.
2.3 A quality photograph of the piece must accompany your entry for listing on the website.
2.4 The completed online entry and fee must be received no later than 5pm 30th September 2022. A receipt is issued immediately by email.
2.5 Late entries will not be accepted.
2.6 Works, titles and prices cannot be changed after the entry form is submitted.


3.1 Artists are required to print out a label with your name, title of the work and category, and attach to the back of their art work. Find the label here. Artists can fill it out on the screen and print it out, or print the label and fill it out by hand.
3.2 All work must be ready for hanging, with cord/wire firmly attached.
3.3 OILS must be dry or will not be accepted.


4.1 All works must be delivered to Ocean Shores Country Club 113A Orana Rd, Ocean Shores NSW 2483 between 10am- 6pm on Friday 4th November 2022.
4.2 Artists are advised to insure their works against loss or damage. Although the organisers will take the greatest care, they will not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage however caused.
4.3 Artists will be responsible for arranging transport of their works to OCEAN SHORES COUNTRY CLUB on 4th November between 10am – 6pm in the allocated category time.
4.4 Unsold works exhibited at the OCEAN SHORES COUNTRY CLUB must be collected between 4 -6 pm on Sunday 6th November 2022 at the OCEAN SHORES COUNTRY CLUB.
4.5 No further responsibility will be taken by the committee for works not collected by 6pm on 6th November– including purchased pieces.
4.6 Any winning work forfeit the prize if not delivered to the Committee by 4th November by 6pm no matter what the reason.
4.7 It is the artist’s responsibility to arrange for collection, or shipping of any sold work.
4.8 The OSAE is not involved in shipping of art works. Any shipping arrangements are between the artist and the buyer.


5.1 Independent judges will conduct judging of artworks entered.
The judges’ decision will be, in all cases, absolutely final and no correspondence of any kind will be entered into.


6.1 The commission is 15% of the sale price.
6.2 Proceeds of any sale (less commission) will be paid to the artist within 21 days or as soon as possible after a card payment has been cleared.


7.1 The information collected for your entry will be used to contact you now, and in the future, unless you inform us in writing not to do so.
7.2 The OSARTEXPO reserves the right to use images of art work entered for future promotional purposes.