About Ocean Shores Art Expo

The Ocean Shores Art Expo (OSAE) is a true community event, bringing people together with a sense of belonging in a creative, fun and inspiring weekend which has become a regular feature on the local calendar. Every year it expands, with over 300 adult artworks and nearly 400 student works. The Art Expo attracts over 1000 visitors to the exhibition and cultural performances each year.

How it Works

Professional artists to beginners, kids to elderly, all are welcome to enter artworks. It is inspiring for beginners to see their works alongside the experienced and for children to exhibit alongside adults.

New judges every year select adult winners in six categories announced at the Opening Night.

With the support of generous sponsors, we are able to provide a high-quality event for all the community. We are grateful for their community spirit.

Some sponsors believe in community culture and the arts so much that they support us every year.

The Expo will be held once again at the Ocean Shores Community Centre (Rajah Rd) hall over three days. Art lovers and buyers can appreciate and buy affordable art from a huge variety of styles, sizes and prices. During the weekend there are local musicians performing and artists demonstrating.


How it started

In 2004 a group of Ocean Shores residents bonded through organizing colourful performance protests about the location of an upcoming super-highway.

With that issue over, they realized that an uplifting and imaginative community event was needed to continue bringing people together. They came up with the idea of the Art Expo to celebrate the cultural and artistic diversity of our uniquely creative population.

The local residents’ vision was actively supported by the Brunswick Mullumbimby Lions Club, whose members have maintained an ongoing commitment to the event.

Aims of OSAE

To connect people to the enduring power of art and creativity.

To promote the role of art as a means for individual and community well being.

To promote inclusion with represented artists from many sections of the Community.

To provide artists with the avenue to creatively communicate diverse views about the past, present & future.

To promote responsible social, economic and environmental outcomes.