2024 Mixed Media

Eternal Voyager

“Eternal Voyager
Inessa Ivascanin
Instagram: innesstreasures
Artwork size (in cm): 120 x90 cm 
Artwork Price: $2,000
Artist Statement: Eternal Voyager is a textured portrayal of a wise turtle gliding through a red dreamlike sky above an ocean of clouds. The turtle carries a lush village on its back, symbolizing endurance and constancy throughout time. The radiant sun casts a golden glow, illuminating the scene with an ethereal light. Below, a breaching whale shows the wonders of the deep, while distant islands with golden flakes beckon with mystery. A kite dances in the wind, evoking a sense of joy and freedom.
Materials and process: Stretched canvas, gesso, acrylic and gloss varnish 

Prints are available: email
Artwork size (in cm):
Artwork Price: $
Artist Statement:
Materials and process: