Winners 2022

The Frank Mills Award – Sponsored by The Vale FarmStay

“Aida” by Karen McMullan

Viewer’s Choice Award – Sponsored by ArtForm Framing

“Turbulance” by Dellene Strong

Mixed Media – Sponsored by Ocean Shores Tavern

1st Prize: “Summer of ’69” by Barry Voevodin

Judges Comments:

A wonderful nostalgic puzzle of a diversity of textures, images and fragments, evoking the way memory is recalled.

2nd Prize: “Palimpsest” – Cindy Alice

Judges Comments:

A traditional press of hard-making paper evolves into a stacked monument of exposed strata and tonal materiality which is then re-presented to itself in pictorial form.

Highly Commended: “Cycles” – Penny Bennett

Judges Comments:

A meticulous and meditative work.
A playful arrangement of organic shapes evoking times quiet passing.

Oil & Acrylic – Sponsored by MANA Real Estate

1st Prize: “JB/Hamlet” by Tia Scott

Judges Comments:

Most unusual take on Hamlet and an original one.
The artist has created a domestic / intense even disturbing whimsical environment that still has a disturbing impact. Like a lot of good or successful paintings, it defies easy description.

2nd Prize: “Sunshine” by Sapphire Rose Rochelle

Judges Comments:

Beautifully constructed painting that manages to add a melancholy to the honey sweetness of the subject.

2nd Prize: “Ready at the Shawsy” by Leonie McIntosh

Judges Comments:

Whimsy is difficult in painting and this work succeeds by keeping the visual punchline for the viewer to find.

Highly Commended: “Memories of living under water” by Jane Gow

Judges Comments:

A captivating little painting that captures an expressive face with minimum brush

Printmaking, Drawing & Pastels

1st Prize: “Fishing Boat Tangle” by Rachel Dun

Judges Comments:

Lovely Technique and Composition.
Highly evocative of Place and narrative through the multiple panels.

2nd prize: “The daily battle” by David Hickson

Judges Comments:

An expressive work with a clear narrative. Great choice of medium.

Highly Commended: “The Dance” by Katka Adams

Judges Comments:

A lovely connection between the three key elements of the work.
Engages the viewer to want to know more.

Watercolour & Gouache

1st Prize: “Before the Next One” by Dave Sparkes

Judges Comments:

An elegant work evidencing both a Freedom and Restraint in technique.
Beautiful light and reflection shown in the surfaces.

2nd Prize: “Change” by Jasmine O’Shea

Judges Comments:

Vibrant and energetic – very encouraging work inviting the viewer to explore and find
meaning within.

Highly Commended: “Beach Glimpses” by Peter Campbell

Judges Comments:

Lovely technique and composition evoking glimpses of the beach life.
Engages you to be reminded of Holidays past or dreams of future.

Photography – Sponsored by Mullumbimby Comprehensive Health Centre

1st Prize: “outpost” by Elliot Kirkwood

Judges Comments:

A memorizing and magical scene capturing a symphony of light, timing, rhythm, and
balance. A work I kept coming back to and found new meanings with every viewing.
(view Bill Henson’s landscape work)

2nd Prize: “Reclaim” by Chelle Wallace

Judges Comments:

A hauntingly beautiful Australian Gothic Still Life. Excellent presentation that added to the overall aesthetic. A work that should be viewed in person – not on a screen. (see the work of Marian Drew & Joseph McGlennon)

Highly Commended: “Charlie Chaplin Meets the Obamas: Allstar Team” – Luke Foster

Judges Comments:

A humorous comment about politics and power. An intelligent conceptual work with a sweet juxtaposition of past, present and cultural references. (see the work of Cindy Sherman)

Highly Commended: “The past is present, the future is uncertain” by Mark Seiffert

Judges Comments:

An insightful visual story that evokes mystery and intrigue.

Digital Art

1st Prize: “Jonson Street” by Col Dyte

Judges Comments:

A refreshing take on an iconic local landscape. A perfect blend of history and modern day.

2nd Prize: “Roadside Sunflowers” by Cameron Pitcher

Judges Comments:

A beautiful and thoughtful nod to Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers”. Excellent still life composition that exhibits a contemporary painterly quality.

Highly Commended: “Always Was – Always Will Be” by Thomas Trinkl

Judges Comments:

A lovely contemporary reimagining of an iconic Australian landscape.

Sculpture / 3D Art – Sponsored by First National Byron

1st Prize: “Imperfect, Impermanent, and Incomplete” by Mon Manabu

Judges Comments:

A poetically nuanced balance between meticulous technique and conceptual restraint, exemplifying that the sum of the parts rarely complete a whole, and that the idea of completeness is a misconception.

2nd Prize: “Earth Elder” by Sasa Scheiner

Judges Comments:

A physically and viscerally evocative form, its material singularity morphing into a narrative of past, purpose and potential.

Highly Commended: “Omen” by Gudrun Klix

Judges Comments:

A strong ensemble of three identifiable forms, existing in a dark and compelling narrative.