OSAE donation of art supplies to local schools.

2023 · Celebration

The theme is “Celebration” as we acknowledge 20 years of supporting artists and associated cultural events in our local Community. The theme is very open and broad, understanding people celebrate in many different ways.

2022 · Looking Back – Moving Forward

‘Looking Back’ references the wonderful work and passing of our local historian Frank Mills with his incredible collection of stories, images and documents. The Vale Award has become the Frank Mills Historical Award in recognition of his contribution to the Community and the early years of the Art Expo.

‘Moving Forward’ references the spirit and resilience of our community moving forward after Covid and the recent floods.

2021 · Anything goes

2021 saw many changes for OSAE. The Expo was held online and a general theme was offered to reduce stress and support local artists.


2020 · 2020 – My Vision

The 2020 Art Expo was cancelled due to COVID-19. We’re sure everybody’s vision of the future now looks slightly different!

2018 · Treasures

A variety of local and personal treasures were depicted this year.