Information for Artists

The theme is “Myths & Stories”. With the recent Lunar New Year and the Year of the Dragon celebrations, we began to consider the myths and stories we live by. In Korean culture, the Dragon is a deity presiding over water, often embodying the water god or rain god. In our Indigenous Culture, the Rainbow Serpent represents one of the great and powerful forces of Nature and Spirit. We live in a multicultural community with many myths and stories as the basis of our everyday lives.

This year the OSAE invites you to contemplate these stories. This is only a guideline to provide some direction for your creativity and artistic talent. Please, we are not asking for art works of dragons and serpents, but a life story behind these myths as these stories can be represented in many ways.

We invite you to develop works that reflect this theme in the 6 different categories: Watercolour & Gouache; Printmaking, Drawing & Pastels; Oil & acrylic; Mixed Media, Sculpture / 3D Art; Photography & Digital Art. Read more about the categories.

Entries open the 1st June and close 27th October 2024. The Exhibition will be held at the Ocean Shores Community Centre over the weekend of the 22nd – 24th November, 2024.

Artists are required to attach a label to the back of their artwork for identification purposes. You can find it here. This file is an editable pdf so artists can either fill it out on the screen and print out, or print out the label and fill it out by hand.

Submission and Collection

  1. Please ensure your work is ready to hang, or display, with the Art Work labelsecurely positioned at the back for work to be hung, or underneath for sculpture.

  2. On delivery you will be provided with a receipt. KEEP THIS RECEIPT SAFE, as we can only accept collection of art works with this receipt when you pick up, or your designated person collects from the Ocean Shores Community Centre between 4-6pm on Sunday 24th November 2024.

  3. For SOLD art works at the Expo, the purchaser will be provided with a receipt for Collection. It is important that the artist and the purchaser know who is collecting the work and do so during the allocated time.

  4. Delivery of art works will be to Room 1 Ocean Shores Community Centre from 11:30 – 6pm on  Thursday 21st November 2024.

    11:30am – 1:30pm: Oil & Acrylic

    1:30pm – 3pm: Watercolour & Gouache; Printmaking, Drawing & Pastels

    3pm – 4pm: Photograph y& Digital Art

    4pm – 5pm: Mixed Media

    5pm – 6pm: Sculpture

  5. Collection of ALL art works is between 4-6pm on Sunday 24th November from the Ocean Shores Community Centre.