Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to enter an artwork, what are the requirements and when can I make my entry?
First, please review the conditions of entry.

These conditions are reviewed and updated each year, however we don’t usually make big changes and you can safely take guidance in last years conditions if a new set has not been posted yet.

However entry fee and dates can change from year to year and we may also update other details so be sure to check back, and ensure that you do meet the current requirements for the year of entry.

Do I need to provide you with a picture or digital copy of my entry?
Yes, the artwork sales website ( is used for sales as well as artwork catalogue so we need an image to distinguish your work.

I have a piece of work which I really like and find hard to part with, can I just exhibit but not have it available for sale?
No, sorry. All artworks must be available for sale with a posted price.

My work is still wet, I worked till the last minute and it just hasn’t dried up yet, can I still bring it in?
No, all works need to be dry.

Can I be part of the Expo working group maybe just for the weekend or a few hours on a single day?
We love volunteers and you do not have to sign up for a lot of time. Email us on for more details.

How will I know if my artwork has sold before pick up at 4 on the Sunday?
You will be contacted on the email address you entered on your Entry Form as soon as possible after your artwork has sold. We will also text the mobile number provided in the Entry Form so please make sure it’s valid.