#99 Transparence

Artist: Lorraine Rogers

Artist Statement:
Everything about the ocean makes my spirits soar and my heart sing, whilst rocks have a permanence and longevity that represent that represent the strength and consistency I aim for in my life. In my painting‘Translucence’ I have tried to capture the transparency, coolness and movement of water over rocks. The result is very calming yet invigorating, another thing I aim for in everyday life.

Materials and process:
I love the translucency of watercolour and always use the best quality paints and paper.
Over many years of practice I’ve learned how to play ‘the concerto’ with a combination of loose washes, imagination, observation and tonal values, all coming together to create something truly unique.

For this piece I carefully laid down washes on wet paper so that all the colours could dance and blend. The tricky part is imagining all those rocks laying beside and atop each other to create a pleasing design. Then I went back to create form, contour and depth. It may look easy but it’s the most challenging thing I do.

Size: 1030 x 830
Price: $1,500

Email: sidewalkgallery@gmail.com
Phone: 407113743

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