#97 Celebrating the Rainforest

Artist: Lorraine Rogers

Artist Statement:
There is nothing I love more than a walk in the rainforest with its smells, sounds and tranquility.

I love clamouring over rocks, looking in to the depths of the crystal clear water and watching the dance it does over rocks, debris and fallen trees. In my painting “Celebrating the Rainforest “ I’ve tried to capture the moody coolness of the forest and the way it lures you to just walk that bit further upstream and around the next bend.

Materials and process:
Few watercolourists attempt to capture the nuances of the rainforest with all its greens merging together in a dance.
With the best quality materials, years of practice and determination to capture depth and mood in my work I hope the end result pleases my viewer as much as it pleases me. I love what I do and I hope that shows in the end result.
If you look closely at my painting you will see the layering of colours, the soft and hard edges, the planning and the skill.

Size: 1030 x 830
Price: $1,500

Email: sidewalkgallery@gmail.com
Phone: 407113743

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