#103 Dreamtime – a Celebration of Presence

Artist: Peter Campbell

Artist Statement:
Fingal’s Dreamtime Beach holds an enigmatic presence – its volcanic headland, adorned with intricate patterns is a silent sentinel, a grand cat poised to pounce. This painting is a joyous celebration of that presence.

I paint to encourage engagement – simple depictions of land, sea, and sky intertwine with the headland’s intricate patterns eliciting emotions and inspiring contemplation. I’m extending an invitation to all to celebrate in the presence of this very special spot in their own way.

Materials and process:
‘Dreamtime – A Celebration of Presence’ is a watercolour painting that incorporates expansive washes of color to depict the land and sky. The ocean remains pristine white paper, providing a striking contrast with the sky and the intricate patterns and shapes of the headland. These colors flow through the patterns of the headland, emphasizing its profound connections with the land, sea, and sky, inviting viewers to explore their own interpretations of the headland’s presence.

The painting commenced as a pencil sketch, where I began with a reasonably precise outline of the headland. The patterns on the rocks symbolize my emotional connection with the headland—what I sensed the headland was attempting to convey to me.
This artwork is quite substantial, measuring 99cm X 78cm, and it features a white timber frame and double ‘ivory’ mat boards that enhance the overall impact and presence of the headland. This painting would make a stunning addition to a spacious setting.

Size: 990mm X 780mm
Website: https://www.instagram.com/petercampbell.art/
Price: Not for sale as exhibited elsewhere

Email: pjc1890@gmail.com
Phone: 0429430552

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