#100 The Stuff of Life

Artist: Maggie Borger

Artist Statement:
Often we forget that the stuff of life is a collection of small precious moments. The focus a beloved dog gives to a ball being thrown, the treasured moment with a loved one on a favourite beach, doing the everyday tasks of life. I am a local artist with a Fine Arts Degree (Griffith University). I produce work across diverse media and most of my work is intensely personal aiming to inspire reflection on values and a celebration of the small joys in life.

Materials and process:
Archers Watercolour Paper 300GSM, Windsor Newton Watercolour Paint.

Size: 650mm wide, 450mm high
Price: $1,000
Prints are available: bmaggie8@gmail.com

Email: bmaggie8@gmail.com
Phone: 0427874751

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