#158 Stay Home, Get Tested

Artist: Chris McAllister

Artist Statement:

Driving the hauntingly empty highways during the height of the pandemic, I was struck by the stark, uncompromising nature of public messaging signs during a time when we were expected not to question authority. I had a vision of a different, future world and wondered how such signs would look without any context to explain them.

As someone who uses words to make a living, I wanted to transmit this vision to others in as pure a form as possible to allow them to ponder similarly.

Materials and Process:
Found objects, tip shop finds and things around the house. Polymer clay, artificial grass, aluminium, building materials. The base is a repurposed blackboard onto which are attached various artifacts formed by manipulations (drilling, grinding, sawing) of raw materials to create the final effect.

Size: 490mm x 420mm x 270mm
Price: $1,725

Email: mullumc@gmail.com
Phone: 0422005771

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