#157 European Vacation

Artist: Charlie Hurcomb

Artist Statement:
My aim is to challenge our throw away society by creating valued artworks from dilapidated, outdated items.
During this process I endeavour to suggest power, movement and function.
I am regularly asked of my work, ” what does it do?”.
My answer, ” it makes people ask ‘what does it do?”
If I can create the illusion that a random collection of unrelated parts and bits can function in a way similar to what they now represent then I have succeeded as an artist.

Materials and Process:
My pieces are usually fantasy, from my imagination which gives me a freedom to suggest and imply movement and function.
Undertaking the creation of such an iconic and well-known vehicle was the challenge I needed to re-ignite my passion. It made me dig deep as I wanted to convert one whole projector into one whole motor scooter! (It did take 2 projectors, some pulleys and some typewriter components), but it is 85% one projector.

As is with a percentage of my work, it has a practical element in that it functions as a low voltage light, thus tying the reqired lens of a film projector into the operational requirements of a motorcycle.

Size: 440mm Lx 320mm Wx 260mm H
Price: $1,600

Instagram: It’scoolartandfurniture
Email: churcomb7@gmail.com
Phone: 0448452005

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