#154 Sea Creatures

Artist: Zeta Zhara

Artist Statement:
My ceramic sculpture is inspired by and celebrates the ocean. The form mimics that of a sea urchin, with a blue glaze that has variations in tones appearing as the shallows and depths of the ocean. The aim was to create a sculpture that is bold, interesting and unique as the ocean. As an artist, my work does not follow a visual style, but one rather influenced by experimentation of form and function. This sculpture epitomises that as it was both a personal challenge and pleasure to create.

Materials and Process:
This piece was made using paper porcelain clay. The tendril are individually hand rolled and attached to a hollow sphere. Before firing, the piece is extremely fragile. Once bisque fired, it is glaze and high fired, giving the piece strength.

Size: 180H x 200W x 200D, 150H x 150W x 150D, Together- 400H x 400W x 400D mm
Price: $240

Email: Zetazahra10@gmail.com
Phone: 0488288678

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