#153 Alberto’s 121st Birthday Party

Artist: Suvira McDonald

Artist Statement:
For my inspiration I draw on the randomly collected pieces of “objet trouve’ in my shed. They are seemingly assembled without reason or much conscious intent but with high regard to aesthetics and intrigue. As an abstract figure emerged from the assemblage I thought of Alberto Giacometti and historical research surprised me with the revelation that his 121st birthday was the day I completed the piece.

Materials and Process:
I collect objects that interest me and I also make ceramic smalls from the offcut/waste pieces on my bench after larger works are completed. The materials comprising this sculpture are wood from furniture, found metal components, a ceramic miscellany.

Size: 41 X 16 x 12
Price: $735

Instagram: @studiosuvira
Email: suvira@suviramcdonald.com
Phone: 0402125922

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