#150 On the Other Hand

Artist: Judson Chatfield

Artist Statement:
Judson Chatfield is a classically trained sculptor who works in stone, metal, bronze, wood and constructed glass. The concepts for his pieces arise from many forms of stimulation; a whimsical comment, the figure in activity, the elegant flight of a bird, a fragment of texture, a distortion of light through trees. Each idea finds its expression through the sculptural medium that best suits its essence.

Materials and Process:
The concept for this piece arose from the simple yet strong stance of the figure caught in a gesture.This is an armature, built in plaster, wire and clay is intended to be cast in resin. The rough surface is intentional and a signature of my hand sculpting technique.

Size: 28cm width x 48cm height
Price: $580

Website: judsonchatfield.com
Email: catejudson@gmail.com
Phone: 0491726392

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