#147 La Donna

Artist: Karen McMullen

Artist Statement:
I sculpt mostly women. I enjoy sculpting profiles also full figutres of women from different nations.
Women from all cultures have qualities in common – their strength and passion, their resilience, their determined spirit, their uniquely feminine psychology to reason and comprise – to get things done.

Women are the bearers of life.

La Donna is my peaceful, elegant woman from Italy.

Materials and Process:
La Donna was hand made from water based clay. It has been bisque fired to 1000′ then glazed and fired again to 1200′
La Donna stands on a varnished solid wood plinth 4cm high.

Size: 28cm W x 31cm H x 14cm D
Price: $3,000

Instagram: instagram.com/karenmcmullan66
Email: karenmcmullan66@gmail.com
Phone: 0404050350

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