#146 Facet

Artist: Lisa Galvin

Artist Statement:
I have been experimenting, studying and expanding my jewellery, fashion and interior design practice since I was 10.
I’m entranced by the visual properties of gemstones, particularly light refraction. The grain of the local Silky Oak timbers draws parallels to gems in that each of its axes details a different pattern.
I wanted to celebrate & combine the properties of our local natural resources in my practice of mixed-media statement jewellery-making in a fun, sophisticated and practical way

Materials and Process:
The result of the design took three years to research and develop the process before coming to a final solution. Manufacturing started with hand-selecting off-cuts of locally sourced timber. I hand-carved individual beads uniquely in response to the timber’s characteristics, including the natural grain lines, knots, and colour variations. Pieces align with each other and around the collarbone, akin to ancient Mayan stone wall practices.
Beads are oiled in a low-VOC skin-safe product. They are strung on sustainably sourced French grosgrain ribbon and secured with a bow, which can be tied short, long or layered. Weighing in at just 200g per set, Facet can be worn comfortably all day long, unlike using gems that are multiple times heavier.

Local upcycled timbers and antique French grosgrain ribbon.

Size: 17 x 17 cm
Price: $439
Prints are available: lfgal5in@gmail.com

Instagram: @lisa.frances.galvin
Email: lfgal5in@gmail.com
Phone: 0449155999

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