#145 Tenacity

Artist: Venessa Skye

Artist Statement:
My work has always had an innate remembering of my blood line. The origin and endurance of my ancestors. The pieces I make are primarily informed by my linage and travels, searching out age old pottery of the Middle East, Malta, North Africa and Pacific Islands.

My pieces are usually vessels. The finishes are multi-layered glazes, oxides & slips, reduction and wood-fired. I feel the pieces I create are always a collaboration between myself, and the kiln.

Materials and process:
‘Tenacity’ is hand constructed in traditional methods using coils and endured multiple firings in ‘Beetlegama’, a long standing 72 hour Anagama Kiln wood kiln that was situated in Goonengerry. These two pieces were part of the last firing, and the kiln has since been deconstructed in late 2022.

‘Tenacity’s exterior has been surfaced with a variety of local wild clay, slips and various oxides, then poured over and lined with a traditional Shino glaze, this surface is then added to during the wood firing with the fly ash deposits and the coals that built up in the fire box covering the majority of the piece. Tenacity shows the endurance and fragility of wood fired pieces that come from the high impact zone of the Anagama kiln and displays a character of process that is unpredictable and unique.

Size: 22cm wide x 33 cm tall
Price: $1,350

Instagram: @middle_pocket_pottery
Email: venessarocks@gmail.com
Phone: 0408544637

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