#141 Be Bop Barque

Artist: Gudrun Klix

Artist Statement:
Celebrations are about having fun with family or friends. First choice is often on a boat, a place of movement and where everyone is close together. good food laughter, music and dance are often essentials. Be bop jazz is a happy and energetic form of music that was popular throughout the 20th century and is constantly being re -envigorated. High energy, colour and movement makes for fun and enjoyment, a good time and celebration.

Materials and Process:
This work is made from fired ceramic earthenware. The work features a bright blue interior with a matt glaze and is filled with coloured shapes and forms that intermingle creating a colourful and joyful mood. The exterior is textured using layered slips and oxides. The ship is supported on a perspex stand.

Size: 720 x 180 x 250
Price: $2,500

Instagram: Klix.gudrun
Email: gudrunklix44@gmail.com
Phone: 0498490110

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