#140 Rock Pool

Artist: Gail Spendelove

Artist Statement:
The inspiration for my fused glass bowl came from many visits to the varied and stunning pools, found on the rocky outcrops of our coastline. Celebrating the joy I find gazing into these pools, through shimmering reflections to see what lies within..

Materials and Process:
I have created many kiln fired components that could resemble the various elements living and growing in these pools: shells, seaweed, pebbles, silvery fish, and even pieces of netting, unfortunately polluting our oceans.

The fused glass components are placed on the base, and the area around them covered with a thick layer of crushed green glass to represent algae.
I then cut and layer pieces of transparent glass over the top, this works effectively with glass’s inherent ability to reflect and refract light.
There are multiple kiln firings to create the final Fused Glass Rock Pool bowl.

Size: 36cm diameter
Price: $690

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lovewarmglass/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/gails_art_glass/
Email: ashgail@bigpond.com
Phone: 0409471054

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