#138 The Many Sentiments of Variation

Artist: Sharon Shostak

Artist Statement:
The Many Sentiments of Variation celebrates what separates and what connects us. People may have differing skin tones, shapes and expressions, yet our basic needs underpin our diversity, as does the preciousness of the one Earth we share. To take a seat at the table is to see the world from the perspective of each individual.

I am obsessed with cutting things up to tell stories; whether it’s editing films or mosaic, the basic impulse is the same. Transforming the mundane with art is another.

Materials and Process:
Ceramic tile, cement fibreboard, tile glue, grout, powder coated steel frame.

Mosaic echoes the deepest fragmentation that underpins reality – everything is made of particles. The illusion of form is a party trick of light – colour as well as lines. Grout offers an extras element, with ways to scatter form, give it dimension or simply outline.

I’m particularly attracted to transforming the ordinary ceramic tile, with its limited colour range, size availability and lack of flexibility, into art that enhances the mundane and transcends the boundaries of dimension. Mosaic is an incredibly robust art form and determinedly stands the test of time, as seen in traditional mosaics that grace chapels, floors and walls of ancient architecture. Mosaic tables used daily at Lulu’s Cafe in Mullumbimby were made by the artist 29 years ago, for example. The illusion of permanence is of archetypal appeal, and where some people see only a wall , a table or a floor, this artist sees an opportunity to transform it into a thing of beauty that may span generations.

Size: 810mm x 810mm round top, 710mm height
Price: $3,750

Website: www.sharonshostak.com
Email: s.a.shostak@gmail.com
Phone: 0429020769

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