#84 Strength, Courage and Wisdom

Artist: Madeline Burgess

Artist Statement:
After my original submission was denied entry, disillusioned, and disheartened a compelling feeling of empowerment overwhelmed my being and a new piece derived with strength and courage.

I celebrate overcoming fears, pushing boundaries, and allowing courage, strength, and wisdom to empower self.

Celebrate with me, take a deep breath in, let the piece communicate with you, acknowledge your strength. I applaud your strength, courage, and wisdom.

Materials and Process:
The framing depicts an art diary. The expression of thoughts and inner feelings. An internal secret dialogue exposed for interpretation

Size: 400mm x 600mm
Price: $690
Prints Available: madelineburgess72@gmail.com

Email: madelineburgess72@gmail.com
Phone: 0412034085

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