#80 Diverse Delights

Artist: Maggie Cross

Artist Statement:
This artwork serves as a celebration in the region’s natural diversity of the Northern Rivers landscape, where lush vegetation and a harmonious coexistence of various tree species, including the iconic fig and palm trees, paint a vivid tapestry of life.

I love working in charcoal. Devoid of colour it shows the drama and grandeur of the towering fig to the subtlety of palm tree within this farm setting.

Materials and process:
The landscape is a constant resource for my work and living in the Northern Rivers provides an abundance of subjects from the coastal beaches, the tropical rainforests, farming properties to the iconic Australian bush.

I’ve always been intrigued with making marks and although I work with various mediums my love of drawing has always been part of my life. Charcoal and pen are my preferred choices. The contrasts with black and white images always provoke a sense of drama and allows the audience to imagine, remember, and become involved with the work.

Size: 135mm x 245mm
Price: $600

Instagram: maggiecross.art
Website: www.maggiecross.com
Email: maggietagg@yahoo.com.au
Phone: 0431301578

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