#79 Coming Home

Artist: Hopi Maku

Artist Statement:
I’ve always loved art and crafts; my earliest memories are of walking up and asking for a pencil. I created my own art business in 2021 at the age of 21 with a lot of support from my family. It has been a long journey, Living life with dyslexia has posed quite a few challenges, but it did not stop me from achieving what was important to me personally and through art.

I want my art to bring a sense of serenity and hope to the people who view it.

Materials and process:
As anyone who has lived in Mullumbimby knows there is nothing so comforting and spectacular as the road to Mullum when you go over the hill and Mt Chincogan disappears then magically reappears, it is such a heartfelt moment of joy and celebration to be nearly home. I think visitors also get this sense when they come through that doorway into the town.

Fineliner black pen on canvas.

The drawing is 29 x 41 cm in a black and white A3 Frame.

Size: 43 x 60 cm
Price: $400

Website: https://hopimaku.wixsite.com/designs-of-hope
Email: hopimaku@gmail.com
Phone: 61411353357

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