#76 Rainforest Resonance

Artist: Carolyn Delzoppo

Artist Statement:
This work titled ‘Rainforest Resonance’ celebrates the unceasing cycles of promise, regeneration and renewal of our local natural wild places. Ever ongoing and ever sustaining, plants can teach us about adaptation, patience, perseverance and exuberance.

I use drawing as a means to observe, explore and understand the world around me, and I strive to convey a sense of wonder at the complexity and mystery of the natural environment.

Materials and process:
Graphite, pastel and coloured pencil with collaged monoprints on stonehenge paper.

Size: 600mm x 600mm
Price: $850

Instagram: carolyn_delzoppo_art
Email: carolyn@mullum.com.au
Phone: 66841772

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