#71 The Dali Lama’s Stray Cat

Artist: Luke Foster

Artist Statement:
Wherever it occurs, poverty is a significant contributor to social disharmony, ill health, suffering and armed conflict. If we continue along our present path, the situation could become irreparable. This constantly increasing gap between the haves and halve not’s, creates suffering for everyone.

This artwork has a extended title: The Dalai Lamas Cat/If We Can Land Man on the Moon We Can Eradicate World Poverty.

Its about how Buddhism can eradicate global poverty.

Materials and process:
The photo was shot of me by photographer Julie Lowe at Cabarita beach. It comes framed and prints of different sizes can be made on request. It looks good A0 size.

Size: 55cm X 55cm
Website: lukefoster1972.com
Price: $400
Prints are available: lukefoster1972@gmail.com

Email: lukefosterartist@gmail.com
Phone: 0428922365

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