#61 Inner Portrait

Artist: Patricia Maria Fair

Artist Statement:
Life is my inspiration, inner and outer. My aim is to share , teach and continue growing as an artist. Being creative is my way of life. Painting and drawing are one of my favourite ways of expressing this creativity. My art is more of a spontaneous unfolding rather than an intellectual study . It feels very meditative , sometimes cathartic and sometimes blissful. The process of creating is what I find most rewarding.

Materials and process:
Art is on a thick marine plywood. These is a Gesso sealer which is painted on top with acrylic paint and oil pencil. Finish is with a gloss oil/acrylic sealer. All paints are artist quality. Artwork is unframed but has hanging wire/hooks.

Size: 800mm width by 1200mm height
Price: $3,500

Instagram: @patriciamariafair
Email: patriciamariafair@hotmail.com
Phone: 0419 928 497

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