#59 Presence

Artist: Cate Cormack

Materials and Process:
This work is painted on cotton paper with oil and cold wax, a medium made with beeswax and resin mixed with solvent. It is colored by by mixing in oil colors or dry color pigments. Cold wax medium makes oil colors thicker,creamier and more matte. Unlike encaustic,heat is not required for working with this wax medium – as it dries by solvent evaporation, rather than the cooling of the wax. Similar to encaustic I enjoy the experimentation, texture and the physicality of the paint layers and the density, almost impasto qualities, as well as the marvelous translucency the wax provides.

Cold wax is an expressive medium where I can take an experimental approach using my existing skill. The working properties allow for great play using all sorts of mark making,texture imprinting, brush marks,and the ability to carve into paint layers with palette knives. Cold Wax also gives oil colors a beautiful translucent quality, similar to the seductive surfaces of encaustic which I take so much pleasure in.

Size: 80 cm width x 110 cm height
Price: $1,200

Website: https://www.catecormack.com
Instagram: catecormack
Email: catejudson@gmail.com
Phone: 0491726393

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