#56 Ubirr

Artist: Kim Stark

Artist Statement:
In my paintings, each brushstroke embodies an expression of my inner self, a dance of intuition rather than conscious decision. I paint from the heart, channeling raw emotions onto the canvas. Inspired by the vibrant colours of nature and the ever-changing landscape of emotions, my work becomes a conduit for viewers to connect with their own feelings. It is a journey through the interplay of colour, texture, and form, where emotions come to life in abstract, gestural art.

Materials and Process:
I use a mix of acrylic paints, including both flow and structured types, along with pastel chalks. I paint on the ground and walls, on un-stretched linen canvas. Once the artwork is finished, I have it professionally stretched onto high-quality timber frames. To protect the piece and give it a subtle finish, I apply a matte varnish.

Size: 90 x 70cm
Price: $680
Prints are available: kimberley.stark@gmail.com

Social Media: @kimstarklove
Email: kimberley.stark@gmail.com
Phone: 0414742588

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