#45 Celebration of my Garden – Fuschias, Geraniums and Shastas

Artist: Elizabeth Hawes

Following an accident, I had to learn to appreciate different things in life. My garden became my haven. With this painting, I celebrate my and all gardens – and some of my favourite flowers – fuschias, geraniums and shasta daisies. I have attempted to convey joy, in the lushness of the rich red of the geraniums, the delicate structure and bold colours of the fuschias and the whimsy of the shasta daisies. I was inspired by Margaret Olley, my favourite painter.

Materials and process:
This painting is on a stretched canvass 30cm x 40cm. The paints are acrylic, finished with a satin sealer.

Size: 400mm wide by 300mm high
Price: $150

Email: ehawes99@gmail.com
Phone: 0400724051

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