#43 Smarties

Artist: Karryna Lin

Artist Statement:
I find artistic inspiration in everyday beauty. My work captures subtle wonders using vivid colours and striking compositions. I aim to make the ordinary extraordinary, evoking nostalgia and wonder. My art celebrates overlooked facets of life, reminding us that beauty is everywhere.

Materials and Process:
This piece of art is made using acrylic on canvas. Whenever I see the candy Smarties, the firstidea that comes to my mind is using the brain as the candy instead of the actual candy. Thisis because the brain symbolizes smartness. I have also used a combination of pink and blue colours, which has made the painting look more sweet and vibrant.

Size: 20cm x 20cm
Price: $150

Social Media: @toxicpinkbrain
Email: pinkbrain0318@outlook.com
Phone: 0449950318

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