#42 Kitanai

Artist: Karryna Lin

Artist Statement:
I find artistic inspiration in everyday beauty. My work captures subtle wonders using vivid colours and striking compositions. I aim to make the ordinary extraordinary, evoking nostalgia and wonder. My art celebrates overlooked facets of life, reminding us that beauty is everywhere.

Materials and Process:
This artwork is an acrylic painting on canvas. In the centre, there is the Japanese word ‘kitanai’ which means ‘dirty’, creating a contrast with the clean style of the painting. My intention was to hang this painting on the wall to remind my partner and me of our daily Japanese learning routine since we are currently studying the language. To achieve this, I painted a phone screen in the background to remind us that instead of browsing through our phones, we should focus on studying Japanese.

Size: 40cm x 30cm
Price: $200

Social Media: @toxicpinkbrain
Email: pinkbrain0318@outlook.com
Phone: 0449950318

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