#37 Soar High, Be Strong, Celebrate Nature

Artist: Elizabeth McLean/Boehm

Artist Statement:
Painting for me is a way of focussing on the project at hand rather than the worries that can envelop one. My subject matter is always something in my environment which gives me pleasure and to which I have a connection.

My inspiration is the natural world and in particular the sea and Australian landscapes and its flora and fauna. “I must paint that” is the stimulus I need to begin.

I paint in oils and it is important to me that the finished work is harmonious to the observer.

Materials and process:
Artist quality oils, soft brushes( sable, badgerlon, squirrel, Neef Bright synthetic) and thin mediums. Quality stretch canvas.

Size: Width 101.6cm, Height 76.2cm
Price: $1,100

Email: mcleanelizabeth@hotmail.com
Mobile number: 0427803576
Landline: 0266803576

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