#35 Oceanic Emotion: a Celebration of our Marine Sanctuaries

Artist: Lily Acuna

Artist Statement:
Everything inspires me, the celebration of life and death. The human connection and the connection with nature. Dreams and reality. My themes are a prayer of gratitude for this experience.

What I seek is to connect with the invisible, to know myself, to tell something that I cannot explain with words, to create a bridge to the inner world of the observer, to remember something that was important, to give new meaning to experiences. To shed light in a world that can be dark sometimes.

Materials and Process:
Acrylic painting on Canvas.

Size: Width 75cm x Height 100 cm
Price: $1,111

Website: www.cosmicuterus.com
Instagram: liliacuna.art
Email: Lirili@gmail.com
Phone: +61 432 004 141

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