#33 Joy

Artist: Una Bella

Artist Statement:
An artist since childhood and a BFA in photography from the University of Colorado, I serendipitously discovered the world of painting on a solo backpacking adventure spanning 22 countries. Embracing a playful approach, especially with finger-painting, I’ve cultivated a deep sensitivity and delight to color. The imagery unfolds as color guides me. I paint the narratives of my life, stories of the soul and spirit. My art is a vessel for processing this precious life.

Materials and Process:
I work with finger painting as a way to simply play with color. You might remember the joy of this when you were a child. I love to tap into the process of the visceral delight of making rainbows on a white canvas. That process alone is quite satisfying and sometimes I feel my paintings could stop there. Daniel Mirante labeled me a “Colorist” and I would agree. I am very sensitive to Color as a Frequency and Vibration of Light and allow that to come through when I paint. I love the colors that are made when I mix colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. Like a prism, I am interested in how color is connected to the essence of light.

Once the base layers of colors are laid, I work on top with white to bring out forms, shapes, and imagery. I then use the Mische Technique of layering thin glazes over white, as taught by visionary artists, Martina Hoffman, Amanda Sage and Autumn Skye, to bring definition and dimension.
Painting is a practice and much like a meditative discipline for me. I am able to make sense of my own life stories through the process of painting. These works are straight from my soul and tell the stories my soul has been navigating since I landed in Australia. It was a choice to stay here through a global pandemic, but I did so blindly, not knowing I had found my new home. My feet are happy on the land here, my heart is full having found my soul tribe and my spirit delights in being polished by the energy of the Bay.

Size: 30mm x 60mm
Price: $595
Prints are available: unaparadox@gmail.com / +61429663817

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thecosmicmermaidastrology/
Email: unaparadox@gmail.com
Phone: 0429663817

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