#31 Full Moon Vitality

Artist: Helena Horsley

Artist Statement:
In every stroke, in every color, I strive to convey the positive vibrations that emanate from my connection with our mother nature. It is a symbiotic relationship, one that nourishes my soul and fuels my creativity. Through my art, I seek to inspire others to forge their own connection with the natural world, to recognize the beauty that surrounds us and to cherish it with every fiber of their being.

Materials and Process:
Professional Acrylic on canvas finished with a professional sealer.

Embracing a monochromatic palette of enchanting purples, a whimsical and joyful ambiance is effortlessly woven. The dreamy hues dance together, infusing the atmosphere with vibrant energy, evoking a sense of pure bliss.

Size: Width 79cm x 105cm
Price: $1,350
Prints are available: helena@helenahorsley.com.au

Instagram: Helenahorsleyart
Email: helena@helenahorsley.com.au
Phone: 0497827083

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