#17 Scenic Rim Serenity

Artist: Joanne Chappell

As an art therapist I love to practice mindfulness and find local creeks provide such tranquil surroundings. The beautiful creeks and colours of rocks and vegetation are a reminder of the growth and the vibrant spirit of the scenic rim. The colours of earthy tones and nature’s greens interplay with the layers in the water and reflections of blue skies above. This cool spot invites the viewer to join in the celebration of life, nature and the beauty of our homeland.

Materials and process:
Acrylic on canvas.

Size: 610mm x 500mm
Price: $700
Prints are available: brushwithheart@gmail.com or 0401 208 798

Website: brushwithheart.com.au
Facebook: facebook.com/brushwithheart
Instagram: instagram.com/brush_with_heart/
Email: gaguinness@hotmail.com
Phone: 0401 208 798

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