#164 Harmonious Whiskers

Artist: Inessa Ivascanin

Artist Statement:
“Harmonious Whiskers” blend the fusion of music and art, inviting us to explore the profound emotions evoked by both. The vibrant colors, dynamic brushstrokes, and whimsical details aim to ignite a sense of wonder and playfulness.
Through this painting, I seek to celebrate the beauty of self-expression, the courage to embrace one’s passions, and the transformative power of music and creativity. “Harmonious Whiskers” aims to inspire to pursue artistic endeavours and to find own unique melody.

Materials and Process:
I love creating artworks with acrylics and gloss, incorporating rich gesso textures into some of my pieces. One aspect I truly appreciate about acrylics is their rapid drying time, allowing for vibrant colors to come to life. When working on a composition, I often employ loose, broad brushstrokes for the background, while focusing on finer, defined details in the foreground.

Size: 40×50 cm
Price: $330

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/inessatreasures/
Email: i.inessa@yahoo.com
Phone: 0438794274

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