#16 Jo’s Cottage

Artist: Georgina Guinness

Artist Statement:

The inspiration for this painting is to celebrate the great Australian country side.

It is an painting of an image that I took in the country side outside Launceston, Tasmania. It celebrates the beauty of nature.

It’s aim is to draw the viewers eye into the painting creating a sense of peace and calm.

I am an emerging artist that loves to paint and create. I am particularly drawn to the Australian landscapes and its plants and animals.

Materials and Process:
Painted on canvas with a pine wood frame. The canvas is prepared with 3 layers of gesso. The medium used is acrylic paint. The painting is sealed with a fine layer of gloss vanish.

Size: 760 Wide x 60 High
Price: $550

Email: gaguinness@hotmail.com
Phone: 0412074844

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