#12 Cabarita Hill Littoral Rainforest

Artist: Brenda Bryant

Artist Statement:
I have always been interested in art but didn’t get the chance, after a full busy life of travel, work, marriage and children, to take art lessons until my retirement to the beautiful Tweed Valley about 10 years ago. Since then, I have dabbled in pastels, watercolour, acrylic and oil. My favourite, now, is oil painting and I specialise in the splendour I see around me. I am inspired by nature in all its colours, changing seasons, moods and beauty, both seascapes and landscapes.

Materials and Process:
I have used oil on stretched canvas, with a Tasmanian oak frame, ready to hang. Cabarita Hill littoral rainforest is a small, unique, and critically endangered coastal rainforest remnant located on top of a sand and rocky outcrop. I love the coastal banksias, walking stick palms and pandanus palms, and my painting is in celebration of living so close to these beautiful rainforests. I often walk through these rainforests at Cabarita Beach, Palm Grove south of Byron, and Broken Head Nature Reserve.

Size: 915 x 610
Price: $1,650

Instagram: brenda_bryant_art
Email: brendabry@gmail.com
Phone: 0418 795 949

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