Alex and Claudia

Artist: Bradley Pike

Artist Statement:
‘Alex and Claudia’ is a celebration of two very different models and their individual unique personalities. It comprises over 35 poses and is a exploration of their feminine shapes and contemplative thoughts. The layering of all the poses from the one to twenty minute poses, creates a confused experience of colour and form, inviting the viewer to forever find more poses and faces within the confusion of colours and forms.

Materials and process:
Created with a plethora of mediums, including soft and oil pastels, acrylic and fluro paints and pigment pens and pencil. Timber framed with glass glazing.

Bradley has been a internationally acclaimed professional artist and designer for over 45 years, mainly only creating commissioned pieces for public and private collections. This life model drawing is the first time he has publicly shown and offered his works for sale to the public.

Size: Width 500mm x height 1500mm
Price: $700

Facebook: Bradleypikesart

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