#163 Byron Bay

Artist: Nina Hurr

Artist Statement:
Nina Hurr is an artist based in Byron Bay. Their style is colourful, playful and full of positive messages. Nina lives with Schizoaffective disorder and their experiences with this help shape the random and sometimes chaotic ideas in their art. Nina believes that everyone should have hope for their future and their art aims to convey a message of loving and accepting the life we have. Nina works with a variety of mediums including texta, paint, recycled surfboard art and graphic design.

Materials and Process:
This artwork uses a surfboard that was rescued from landfill and given a new life as an artwork. The artwork has been drawn using Posca pens and coated with a clear coat.

Size: 470mm wide, 1470mm tall
Price: $200

Website: https://osartexpo.com/wp-content/uploads/gravity_forms/12-7d2f0a9ed8577a47346c4002799c6c6d/2023/09/Byron-Bay-Surfboard.png
Email: nina.hurr2@gmail.com
Phone: 434960817

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