#134 Rumination

Artist: Hunter Wilson

Artist Statement:
As an emerging conceptual/multidisciplinary artist with a background in commercial art/graphic design and advertising I like to try and focus on negatives and positives of social media and tech giants and throw the spotlight back on them even if this may makes the viewer or myself feel uncomfortable looking at some hard truths.

With this in mind I drew on the floods with emotional expressive responses to the above to keep me busy and free from poor mental health and ruminating.

Materials and process:
Reclaimed iPhone 6 on stand behind iPhone 12.

Reclaimed still working iPhone 12 display left on with pic of old self.

Matt white paint/sculptural assemblage. (To exhibit)

A1 Hi Res Prints available upon order.

Size: 70mm x 150mm x 30mm or A1 print
Price: $75
Prints are available: Hunterwilson.personal@gmail.com

Social Media: @hunter_by_name_only

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