#133 Interconnections of Creation in Relation to Darkness

Artist: Gypsy Hunter

Artist Statement:
Interconnection of creation in relation to darkness, is an abstract piece reflecting and evoking the evolution of creation celebrating life, death and rebirth. With biomorphic abstract figures evoking familiarity of human flesh and dark matter organically formed enclosing the frame, I’ve aimed to celebrate life emerging from the darkness with an intention of recognizing the balance in which darkness provides.

Materials and process:
With use of acrylic paint on canvas I’ve worked to create texture as well harnessing processes of mixed media, using fabric as a medium to sculpt organic forms around the frame of the canvas, and thread as reference to decay.

Size: 50cm width, 90cm height
Price: $1,500

Email: gypsy88.hunter@gmail.com
Phone: 0491014006

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