#131 Celebration of how the Sunlight Plays upon her Hair

Artist: Barry Voevodin

Artist Statement:
This work celebrates beach culture and should ideally be viewed while listening to “Good Vibrations” or “Here comes the sun”. My work deals with growing up on the beachfront and seeks to capture the nostalgia of a more innocent time. There are symbols such as the “x” which references pirate maps where treasure was marked and relates to an ongoing quest to appreciate beauty in all its forms. The kombi represents freedom and each panel or compartment of the artwork is part of the journey.

Materials and process:
It features 31 compartments containing a variety of media including oil painting, drawing, found objects, reclaimed timbers, recycled vintage aloha fabric and hand embossed metal relief on a plywood base with stained timber surrounds.

Size: 810mm x 900mm
Price: $850

Social Media: @surface.paradise
Email: bvsurfaceparadise@gmail.com
Phone: 0432613179

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