#127 Creek Clearing

Artist: Jennie Sayer

Artist Statement:
Being in the bush and seeing the dappled light of a creek through thee trees is a magical experience. We all need time to slow down and soak in natural solace and connection.

Combing mixed media with a touch of mad scientist is an exciting way to create wonder and a celebration of nature in my artworks. I have lived and worked as a full time artist in the Murwillumbah area of Northern NSW for the last eleven years, the natural lush beauty of this area is my perfect muse.

Materials and process:
My mixed media works celebrate nature in all its forms. Using stained glass mosaics onto paper collaged aluminium substrate. These works are then painted with encaustic ( bees wax). Simply framed in hardwood. They have texture and depth, even in the dark they reflect their own story.

Size: 340mm x 640mm
Price: $590

Instagram: jennysayer
Email: tamar1@bigpond.net.au
Phone: 0438445848

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