#120 Golden Rain Cascading

Artist: Bonny Shore

Artist Statement:
In my art practice I create mainly with textiles, fibres, stitch, print, paper. As I draw my inspiration from nature and environment, my artworks are mostly land and seascapes, often featuring plants, seeds, and concerns about climate change and sustainability. I use repurposed textiles, where possible, as fabric collage and background, into which I eco-print, then stitch as my main mark making method making line, texture, and shape, to create colourful, multi-layered, mixed media artworks.

Materials and process:
During a period of lockdown and recovery from surgery, this mixed media artwork was commenced to celebrate the exuberance of sunny, summer flowering cascades, in a tree in our neighbourhood.

In my artwork, I have collaged upcycled fabrics, mostly beautiful linens and bright silks, and printed leaves from the tree, onto an eco-printed and botanically dyed linen background. Then, I used hand stitch as mark making for line, texture, and shape, to create a colourful multi-layered artwork, lifting my spirits as it progressed over time.

Finally, it was professionally framed using sustainable, limed Tasmanian Huon pine.

Size: W: 560 X H: 700 X D: 40 mm
Price: $750

Social Media: bonny_shore
Email: shorebonita@gmail.com
Phone: 0408645562

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