#108 The Story Teller

Artist: April Stevens

Artist Statement:
The Story Teller piece of works came from inspiration from my child hood growing up in and around ocean shores and amongst people of the traditional Bunjalung tribe and learning their culture and ways of the land, from fishing, hunting, ceremonial traditions and cultural history of their people! Elders telling their stories is inspirational, educational and important in celebrating Australia and all it has to give!

Materials and process:
For this piece l’ve used recycled materials along with recycled paper, charcoal from my own home fire pit and oil paints passed down from other artists with no more use of them, The frame is repurposed from a recycling plant so that nothing used in this piece was waste and was reclaimed too something beautiful.

Size: Width 76.5 height 56.5
Price: $470
Prints are available: Redbubble.com/AprilStevens14 or allofus6@ymail.com
Email: allofus6@mail.com
Phone: 0432280862

Website: Visit Aprilstevens14’s shop, for cool artwork on awesome products at https://Redbubble.com/AprilStevens14-of-hope

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